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Here we go...

I'm so nervous.

Friday, Heather and I are driving to Greensboro for the NCYT annual conference. NCYT is an organization that tries to help young professionals excel in the nonprofit world. We will be there to network, but that's not all...

It will be our very first "presentation" of our huge long-term project: the Random Acts of Kindness Road Trip. We will have project summaries drafted in some folders for them to look over - Will they like our ideas? Will they support them?

Are we on the right track?

I hope so.
If anybody else wants to receive one of our nifty project summary folders let us know. I can either forward them electronically or snail mail them (but the former is the cheapest.)

So, good luck to R.A.K.R.T. as it shows its anxious face to the world for the very first time! :D
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Yeah, send me one please! (Electronically, of course -- save the money for more important things.)