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Red Cross dilemma

(Crossposted at orderoftherose:

I note that this is the first post made in this community. I hope I'm doing the right thing posting this here; it seemed like an appropriate place.

As many of you are aware, there are ten wildfires raging through California. This most recent wave of tragedy was caused by an idiot arsonist, and as a result of his or her senseless stupidity, over 700 homes have been destroyed since last Tuesday; several thousand people have been evacuated and at least 14 are dead.

As it is known to do in times like this, the Red Cross has mobilized to assist the victims. But this time, the RC has a major problem: its Disaster Relief Fund, which enables them to provide support in such instances, is in dire straits. Expenses are far outstripping donations. You can go here for more information.

Obviously, they need help. So what can we do to provide it? I made a donation using their online system, but that's like a drop in the ocean.
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